A 60 day money-back guarantee applies to all new purchases (less a re-stocking fee and freight).  This is a good way to fully evaluate the program.

IRRICAD can also be evaluated in the following ways:

Live Demo

You can request a live demo of our Software (via a webinar).  This will be tailored for your type of designing and is interactive.  Please send us a request for either IRRICAD or FastQuote.  This is a live meeting so please allow us 3 days advance notice to set the meeting time.  As we are based in New Zealand (GMT +12 or +13 Oct-Apr) for 'Rest of the World' live demos we may request a different meeting time to suit our office hours and will be in English only.  For 'Americas' the office is based in Washington State.  For Middle East the office is based in Jordan.  There are several offices through-out Europe.

For your computer to connect to a WebEx meeting (Americas), it will need to have installed FlashPlayer 6.0 or later, Windows Media Player 9.0 or later, QuickTime 6.0 or later and Java plugin.

Americas Europe, North Africa, Turkey, Israel Middle East Rest of the World



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