Differences Between IRRICAD and FastQuote

IRRICAD is a comprehensive irrigation design tool that can be used to design most types of pressurised irrigation systems. FastQuote is a based on IRRICAD technology, but has a simplified feature set that is designed for small turf and landscape applications.

Size Comparison

  IRRICAD FastQuote
Number of contour line segments / point spot heights unlimited 4000
Number of junctions/nodes in a mainline 5000 400
Number of junctions/nodes in a zone 5000 400
Number of on / off times per supply 10 1
Number of on / off times per zone 3 1
Number of pipes in a mainline 5000 200
Number of pipes in a zone 5000 200
Number of system duties 6000 108
Number of System Flows per Zone 10 1
Number of system flows in total 6000 36
Number of water supplies 10 1
Number of On/Off Times per Water Supply 10 1
Number of zones (fitting selection, reporting, plotting) 2000 36

Feature Comparison

  IRRICAD FastQuote
Optional plugin for AutoCAD© Professional or BricsCAD® Pro/Platinum  
Imports images
Imports contours
Imports images and elevations from Google Earth  
Imports CAD files (dxf,dwg,vcd,gcd etc)
Exports CAD files (dxf,dwg,vcd,gcd etc)
Exports PDF
Exports images
View plan in Google Earth  
Irrigated area
Tapes (Driplines)
Connected Spraylines  
Spraylines - tool to place pipe and sprinklers in one action
Sprayline blocks  
Tape blocks  
Irrigation block entities  
Zone / Mainline differentiation  
Run more than one valve together  
Multiple water supplies  
Valve can run more than once  
Highlight elevations  
Show Zone min & max pressures on plan  
Hydraulic gradeline  
Show 3D contour image  
Show unconnected items
Graphical Management  
Pipe sizing on velocity
Pipe sizing on pressure required  
Detailed analysis  
Detailed reporting  
Editable report templates
Editable plot layouts
Fitting selection
Depth for 3D fitting selection  
Database editor
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