FastQuote - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get FastQuote to select the fittings I need?
    Yes. FastQuote can automatically select fittings from the database to solve connections. It is easy to make FastQuote select the type of fittings you specifically wish to use.
  • Can I enter new fittings and other items into the database?
    Yes. You can easily enter new items, or you can download manufacturer-specific databases from our website and merge them with your current working database. FastQuote is supplied with a comprehensive database containing fittings, pipe, sprinkler and other components.
  • Can we customise the reports to our requirements?
    Yes, FastQuote generates reports from templates. These templates can be customised to your personal requirements for both content and style.
  • How long does it take to learn FastQuote?
    This can vary from individual to individual, depending on experience and background. There are support resources available, including a help menu, tutorials, help documents, FAQ’s and a forum on our website, and training manuals. We are also available by email or phone to answer your questions. AEI Software prides itself on providing prompt and helpful support to its clients.
  • Do I need to buy a separate drawing package?
    No, FastQuote comes complete as a standalone package with all the drawing features of a standard CAD package.
  • Do I need to buy upgrades?
    Support upgrades and patches appear periodically on our website and can be downloaded at no charge. You will receive 12 months free support and upgrades when you purchase FastQuote. Major upgrades in the future can be purchased as required.
  • If I import or draw contours, will FastQuote take these into account when doing the hydraulic design process and calculating the pipe lengths?
    Yes. FastQuote interpolates between contours and/or spot heights and uses the results during pipe sizing and hydraulic analysis. Elevations are also used to calculate the pipe lengths.
  • Can I analyse existing systems or only design new systems in FastQuote?
    You can analyse any existing systems, design extensions to existing systems, and design totally new systems in FastQuote.
  • Can FastQuote select pipe sizes for the design?
    Yes. You can size pipes based on the pressure required at sprinklers and valves, or you can size pipes based on a maximum velocity in the pipes. You can select some pipe sizes manually and ask FastQuote to select the rest for you.
  • Can I use pumps in FastQuote?
    Yes. There is a pump component group to the database. You can enter new pumps easily and use them in any design.
  • Can I lay electrical wiring in a design?
    Yes, you can input electrical items such as wires, controllers and other electrical items. These are included in the Bill of Materials reports.


FastQuote - Capabilities

Size Comparison

Number of contour line segments / point spot heights 4000
Number of junctions in a mainline 400
Number of junctions in a zone 400
Number of on / off times per supply 1
Number of on / off times per zone 1
Number of pipes in a mainline 200
Number of pipes in a zone 200
Number of system duties 108
Number of System Flows per Zone 1
Number of system flows in total 36
Number of water supplies 1
Number of On/Off Times per Water Supply 1
Number of zones (fitting selection, reporting, plotting) 36

Feature Comparison

Imports images
Imports contours
Imports CAD files (dxf,dwg,vcd,gcd etc)
Exports CAD files (dxf,dwg,vcd,gcd etc)
Exports PDF
Exports images
Irrigated area
Tapes (Driplines)
Spraylines - tool to place pipe and sprinklers in one action
Show unconnected items
Pipe sizing on velocity
Editable report templates
Editable plot layouts
Fitting selection
Database editor Website Design