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Major New Features in FastQuote Version 5

Landscape Design Software


AutoCAD Compatibility

Increased AutoCAD compatibility up to 2012. Symbol color export compatibility has also been improved producing dwg and dxf files which will properly display the database symbol colors.


Enhanced Communication Tools

Enhanced tools for communicating design information to both customers and designers:-

  Insert OLE

It is now possible to embed documents, spreadsheets and other objects in your FastQuote design.


  On-screen Pressure Labels


Improved Image Handling

Images can be individually rotated, hidden or embedded in the design. The image border can also be hidden, which is great for tiling or overlapping images. Images can now be saved in your plot templates and symbols.


New Database Editor

In response to requests for improvements we have made significant changes introducing standard Windows functions for navigation and editing, and including 32 character warehouse codes. Multi-coloured database symbols can now be used.


Pipe Reduction Symbols

Automatically place pipe reduction symbols on the plan to clearly show installers the location, and direction, of pipe size changes. Faster and more accurate installations will result.

New Modification Tools

Significant improvements in the ease and speed of use through the addition of flexible and intuitive data entry and navigation tools:-

  • New Toolbars / New Look
  • Improved Rotate tool
  • Mirror and Offset Copy tools
  • Trim and Extend tools
  • Hatch and Fill editing
  • Hatch and Symbol previews

  • Quick access via the Selection panel and Snap panel on the Status bar
  • Quick access to information via the Info panel
  • Turn layers off and on via the right-click menu
  • Floating layer manager with sorting ability.


Connect Outlets Tool

This new tool will automatically connect outlets to the nearest pipe with the click of the mouse.

And Many More...

  • Convert drawing items to hydraulic items with ease
  • Importation of GPS/GIS/CSV data
  • Selection aid to help select a particular item when a number of items are in close proximity
  • New Labels and a dropdown combo box
  • Draw Order for images.



Major New Features in FastQuote 4

Landscape Design Software

Integrated Drip Tapes

FastQuote Version 4 now allows tapes to be entered and treated as a single entity.

Automatic Labelling

FastQuote Version 4 has the facility to automatically label:-

  • Pipes
  • Tapes
  • Junctions
  • Valves
  • Outlets
  • Miscellaneous Hydraulic Items
  • Contours
  • Spot Heights
  • Irrigation Areas
  • Wires
  • Electrical

Labels may be formatted and all label settings are saved with individual designs.

New Image (Bitmap) Functions

  • Export you plans in .pdf format to send them electronically to clients in a non-editable format
  • Overcome problems finding bitmaps when designs have moved, with an option to retain the relative path of the image file
  • Import a wide range of image formats directly e.g. .bmp, .jpg and .tif files
  • Export files in a wide range of formats e.g. .bmp, .jpg and .tif files
  • Improved scaling, repairing and rebuilding of images

Improved DXF/DWG Handling

  • For all version including and up to Autocad 2002
  • Improved control over dxf / dwg conversion

Improved AutoSave / AutoBackup

Have you ahd trouble recovering a design? FastQuote 4.0 saves a backup copy of each design increasing the chances of recovery. Backup designs are saved in a convenient folder location.

New Look Reports

  • A more professional look!
  • Reports are formatted for Windows Printers
  • Customise the appearance and contact of reports

New Navigational Tools

  • Improved panning and zooming including using the scroll bars and mouse wheel
  • Use Snap tools when entering hydraulic items
  • Frequently used Snap tools can be set as running snaps, so that the same snaps do not have to be selected repeatedly


Toolbars provide a fast and convenient way of accessing commonly used commands and tools, Version 4 includes many more Toolbars and Toolbar buttons than previous versions. The location, style and content of these Toolbars can be customised to suit your preferences.

Visual Representation of Connectivity of Design

This enables the designer to quickly identify unconnected items.

Other Features and Improvements

  • The "User Tools" menu item allows menu items to be added to FastQuote for commonly used external programs (for example the Windows calculator or Excel)
  • Many other minor improvements and bug fixes - these are documented in the Readme.txt file for Version 4 Website Design