IRRICAD FastQuote Purchase Options


To place an order, or for further information, please contact your nearest supplier as follows or contact AEI Software directly:


USA, Canada, Central & South America

South Africa

Rest of the World


Support and Training

Fax, telephone and email support is available from the supplier of the software, or if the supplier cannot be contacted, from AEI Software New Zealand.

Individual training can be provided by IRRICAD FastQuote suppliers or by AEI Software on a cost recovery basis. Although training is not necessarily required, it is recommended for those users who wish to get up to speed quickly. If you feel that you would like training, please contact us to discuss.

Beginners and advanced user group training courses are run each year in Australia and in the USA. Contact your nearest supplier to find out about courses which are coming up.


All upgrades released within 6 months of date of purchase will be provided free of charge.


As IRRICAD FastQuote uses actual product data during its operation, databases containing the relevant technical, descriptive or cost information are required. A number of IRRICAD FastQuote databases have been either supplied and updated by product suppliers, or AEI Software has prepared databases for suppliers. These databases are available free on request from AEI Software or from the supplier, and should be ordered with the IRRICAD FastQuote package.

Please contact AEI Software for a list of available databases As the databases are open, they can be user compiled, additional items added, changes made, items deleted, and so on. AEI Software also provides a database compilation service on an hourly fee basis, if required. Website Design