FastQuote Technical Specifications

FastQuote is a stand alone, graphically based, computer aided design package that helps you design and quote on residential irrigation, quickly and effectively.  FastQuote is built on a Visual CADD engine.

Program Limits

Number of pipes in a mainline 200
Number of pipes in a zone 200
Number of system flows in total 36
Number of water supplies 1
Number of zones (fitting selection, reporting, plotting) 36


Hardware Requirements: 

The following hardware is the minimum recommended for FastQuote, although less powerful system configurations may be used for smaller jobs.

 Computer :

Pentium class computer
4 Gbyte Ram
512 Mb video
Hard disk - 250+ GB
USB port for hardware key

Operating System : Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10

Digitizer : To digitize from scale plans, a digitizer or a tablet with a Wintab driver is required. 


Images can be imported directly into FastQuote, as can survey files. These may be aerial photographs, landscape plans, orchard layouts, subdivision plans, existing designs, or plans you have drawn from measurements taken in the field. A digitizer is one option for those who have access to any type of scaled plan which can be traced into FastQuote

If you have any questions or are unsure about anything regarding FastQuote's hardware requirements such as whether or not an existing system is suitable or you want confirmation that the system you propose to purchase is suitable, then please contact us. Website Design