Google Earth Import Utility

We provide a utility to assist with the importation of data from Google Maps.

It requires the .NET v4.5 runtime.

Please note that the data this utility provides comes from third-party sources over which we have no control, as such we assume no responsibility for its accuracy, completeness, reliability or timeliness. By downloading the utility you agree to the above stipulations.

The latest version of the utility, version 1.0.6614.17378, can be downloaded here.

In order to see the Google Map imagery since March 2017 an API key is required.  See the forum post for the steps to obtain an API key for your computer or group - Changes at Google Affect Google Earth Import Utility. Note that if you have previously obtained an API key you should keep a copy in a safe place as re-installing the utility will overwrite your existing .ini file.

Important: Google has a more restrictive usage policy in place for the Google Maps API which effects how the utility can be used. Usage of the data provided by our utility is generally governed by Google’s Terms of Service but also has specific limits. Both the Maps and Elevation APIs used by the utility allow a certain amount of free usage. For the Maps API, users have a quota of 25,000 map loads per day, for 90 consecutive days. We do not anticipate normal usage of the utility to breach the daily maps limit. The Elevation API is limited to 2,500 requests per day, with up to 512 locations per request. The utility constructs requests in rows – if, for example, each design requires 100 rows of elevation data, the quota would allow for 25 designs per day.


We would also re-iterate that the elevations retrieved from this utility are often low quality and should not be used for detailed design or specification work. Website Design