IRRICAD Pro, the ‘Premier Irrigation Design Software’, is unique computer software for designing all types of pressurised irrigation systems.

Programmed by irrigation engineers for irrigation designers, IRRICAD Pro is continually being enhanced and improved, putting it at the forefront of irrigation design.

Easy input and subdivision of large blocks or irrigated areas

Graphical representation of the system operation

An example design and report

Contours graphically depicted with colours and 3D

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IRRICAD Pro - Irrigation Software

Powerful, but friendly
Aids creative design
Removes mundane chores
Targeted at professional designers working on large irrigation systems

IRRICAD PRO provides…

  • A fast, accurate and convenient tool to produce high quality designs
  • A comprehensive costing facility that removes the tedium from parts take-off
  • Easy-to-prepare, high quality design drawings to your specifications
  • Effortless compilation of design and costing reports
  • A design and marketing tool that gives you an edge over your competitors
  • A rapid response mechanism to your clients changing needs


  • An integrated systems approach that saves you time and money
  • Rapid analysis of complex hydraulic systems that facilitates faster design changes
  • A wide range of design options
  • Quality presentations can be prepared with minimal effort
  • Increased productivity and enhanced company image


IRRICAD Pro can be used to provide irrigation design solutions for :

  • Agriculture
  • Domestic, commercial turf and golf
  • Rural water supply, stock water supply and solid set (including Frost Protection)
  • Drip and microsprinkler systems


  • Purpose built interface screen for easy entry of site information and system componentry
  • Automatic pipe sizing and analysis for looped and branching zone and mainline systems
  • Automatic fittings selection and generation of Bill Of Materials
  • Comprehensive reporting module for providing design and costing reports
  • Flexible plotting facility for preparing design drawings
  • Importation and exportation of image files and Autocad files, including elevations
  • Graphical representation of the system operation
  • Easy input and subdivision of large blocks of irrigated areas
  • Convert drawing items to hydraulic items with ease
  • Advanced method for calculation and using elevation data in hydraulic calculations
  • Visual representation of errors in imported data
  • Quick labelling feature and automatic legend generation
  • Include valves, pumps and headwork components
  • Any combination of Metric or US units..


  • "We have found IRRICAD to be an irreplaceable addition to our office. The benefits in time saving and presentation have been instrumental in us winning many tender contracts."
    Ben Chapman, Chapman & Rivett Pty Ltd, Queensland.
  • "IRRICAD has given us a significant market edge over our competitors and, as a result, an increased market share in both irrigation and water supply design and consultancy."
    Ian Howatson, Agriculture New Zealand.
  • "IRRICAD takes out the drudgery of compiling and totalling parts lists and components, and we feel that it has halved the time to produce a finished quotation."
    Paul Graham, H2O Irrigation, England.
  • "Using IRRICAD there’s not nearly as many irritated customers because we can get plans out so much faster. It’s a dynamic program, one that fits with any irrigation system."
    Bill Johnson, United Pipe & Supply, Wenatchee, Washington.
  • "IRRICAD is great. Tell potential customers to call me anytime - I’ll be glad to talk to them about the program."
    Mike Carson, Harward Irrigation, Utah.
  • "We've been using IRRICAD for 10 years now, and tried the others too (which we have bought) and now operate 5 IRRICAD stations. Unless the others have vastly improved since we bought them there is nothing in the same league as IRRICAD if you're a contractor doing agriculture and turf type irrigation."
    Clive Croxford, Total Eden, Busselton.
  • "Since we began using IRRICAD in 1996 it has enhanced our business by having the ability to produce functional and accurate designs in less time. The finished product is also appealing to the customer. IRRICAD reduced our design time by at least 80% with most jobs and as much as 90% on others, with many additional benefits. IRRICAD increases accuracy by being able to import data from our survey software, eliminating entry errors, and doing calculations almost instantly. There are many useful tools that make what was complicated very easy. IRRICAD has all the capabilities you would expect from a professional design program for irrigation."
    Larry Crowe, Southern Ag & Turf, Tifton, GA.


Can I analyse existing systems or only design new systems in IRRICAD Pro?
You can analyse any existing systems, design extensions to existing systems, and design totally new systems in IRRICAD Pro.

Can IRRICAD Pro select pipe sizes for the design?
Yes. You can size pipes based on the pressure required at sprinklers and valves, or you can size pipes based on a maximum velocity in the pipes. IRRICAD Pro always trades running costs against capital cost when selecting pipe sizes. You can change the economic criteria to effect pipe selection. You can select some pipe sizes manually and ask IRRICAD Pro to select the rest for you.

Can I use pumps in IRRICAD Pro?
Yes. There is a pump component group to the database. You can enter new pumps easily and use them in any design. Up to ten pumps can be used in any one design.

Does IRRICAD Pro calculate the system duty for me?
Yes, IRRICAD Pro will calculate the system duty of each system flow (station). You can then use this information to select a pump for the system.

Can I analyse a system with a pump without having to place a pump in the design?
Yes. If you enter the pressure and head the pump is giving in to the water supply dialog, IRRICAD Pro will use these figures in its designs and/or analysis of the system.

Can I design gravity feed systems using IRRICAD Pro?
Yes. If you set a small pressure at the water supply, IRRICAD Pro will know not to calculate the head required, and will use this value as the starting pressure.

Can I design stock water systems using IRRICAD Pro? Can I also design a frost protection system using IRRICAD Pro?
Yes. IRRICAD Pro will design any pressurised system.

Can I design looped systems in IRRICAD Pro?
Yes. IRRICAD Pro will even size the pipes for you, if you wish, using the Velocity pipe sizing option.

Does IRRICAD Pro allow for multiple water source in a design?
Yes, you can specify up to ten different water sources for any given design.

Can I lay electrical wiring in a design?
Yes, you can input electrical items such as wires, controllers and other electrical items. These are included in the Bill of Materials reports.

If I import or draw contours, will IRRICAD Pro take these into account when doing the hydraulic design process and calculating the pipe lengths?
Yes. IRRICAD Pro interpolates between contours and/or spot heights and uses the results during pipe sizing and hydraulic analysis. Elevations are also used to calculate the pipe lengths.

Can I get IRRICAD Pro to select the fittings I need?
Yes. IRRICAD Pro can automatically select fittings from the database to solve connections. It is easy to make IRRICAD Pro select the type of fittings you specifically wish to use.

Can I enter new fittings and other items into the database?
Yes. You can easily enter new items, or you can download manufacturer-specific databases from our website and merge them with your current working database. IRRICAD Pro is supplied with a comprehensive database containing fittings, pipe, sprinkler and other components.

Can we customise the reports to our requirements?
Yes, IRRICAD Pro generates reports from templates. These templates can be customised to your personal requirements for both content and style.

How long does it take to learn IRRICAD Pro?
This can vary from individual to individual, depending on experience and background. There are support resources available, including a help menu, tutorials, help documents, FAQ’s and a forum on our website, and training manuals. We are also available by email or phone to answer your questions. AEI Software prides itself on providing prompt and helpful support to its clients.

Do I need to buy a separate drawing package?
No, IRRICAD Pro comes complete as a standalone package with all the drawing features of a standard CAD package.

Do I need to buy upgrades?
Upgrades and patches appear periodically on our website   Contact your local distributor for upgrade pricing.

Can IRRICAD run on an Apple Mac?
Although IRRICAD will not run directly under the Mac operating system we do have users who run IRRICAD by dual booting to Windows or under a Windows emulator.



The following hardware is recommended for IRRICAD Pro:

Computer :
Intel i5 or i7 or equivalent processor, minimum 4 GB Ram.
Operating System :
Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8/8.1 & 10.
Scanner / Digitiser :
A scanner can be used to produce image files for importing into IRRICAD Pro. A digitiser with a Wintab32 driver is required to digitise from scale plans.
Printers :
IRRICAD Pro can print plans and reports on any Windows compatible printer or plotter.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding IRRICAD Pro hardware requirements.


Contact your distributor for local pricing. Discounts are available for multiple copy licences.  IRRICAD is also available under a fixed term lease agreement.

Free priority support is provided for 12 months from date of purchase for the  purchased version.


To order, simply email, fax or telephone AEI Software with your requirements.

IRRICAD Pro is delivered upon receipt of payment. Payment can be made by bank draft, credit card (MasterCard, Visa), or automatic transfer to our account.

Should the perpetual package be returned in perfect condition within 60 days of the dispatch date the license fee less a restocking fee and freight will be refunded.  The 60 day return option is not available for the fixed term lease option. Website Design