The Improvements Keep Coming - The Latest Enhancements

For a full list of new features and bug fixes, please see the ReadMe file.


Version 16 - Link and Standalone

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In Version 16!

Travel Time Calculations

New to Version 16!  Enable the travel time calculation to see the time it takes for water and solutes to travel through an irrigation system – as easy as 1,2 3!


Elevation Profile Tool

Create an elevation profile along a line or pipeline. Mark the high and low points or specify your own markers along the profile.

Globally Change the Pipe Roughness Factor

Version 16 introduces the ability to globally adjust Hazen-Williams roughness factors for your pipes without editing the database. Values may be adjusted via a percentage or an absolute increase/decrease.

Streamlined Demand Point Changes

Have you ever wanted to change the pressure and/or flow of your demand points?  Now you can do this quickly in the improved Valve Summary dialog.  Also added is the ability to change the nominal pressure requirements for mainline outlets.

Mainline Hydraulic Gradeline Selection

No longer do you need to select each individual pipe segment along a mainline path to create the required hydraulic gradeline. Now simply select the mainline outlet, valve, pump, or junction for the HGL to be created from that point back to the water source.


Mainline Minor Losses Exclusion

The minor losses calculation for the mainline may now be turned off when required.


Also Included

The number of water supplies has been increased from 10 to 20

Increased import compatibility for DXF/DWG files including support for AutoCAD 2017 format

Enhancements to information exported from the Hydraulic Gradeline

Improved KML importation

New label keywords including static pressures and coordinates

PRV pressures can now be globally modified

Many other minor improvements and fixes.



In Pro Version 15!


Screen Selection Based Reporting

Select a portion of the design and the Bill of Materials or Costing reports will only include the selected items and their costs!

Valve-in-head Block Tool

Need to set up a block of valve-in-head sprinklers? Version 15 introduces the sprayline block tool for mainline outlets.

Each mainline sprinkler is automatically assigned a zone name for easy operational management.


Reporting on Total Costs of Each Design

How much does it cost to run the system over time? Now IRRICAD will report the annual running cost and also the annualised total costs. The capital and power costs, interest rate, and period of time are defined by you. Use this feature to compare the total cost between different design options or show the client the total cost of the system.


Include the running costs of the water supply without adding a pump on to the design. You can view the annual running costs in the economic reporting, available in selected Bill of Materials and Costing reports.


Add Miscellaneous Items to Design Costings

Additional items now can be seamlessly added to your plan for Bill of Materials and Costing reports via the new “Miscellaneous Costs” tool.


Even Flow Rate Valve Placement

Require a valve to be centrally placed based on water flow in an irregular block? With the new placement option in the Irrigation Block tools you can automatically place a valve to have the same amount of flow on either side.

Also Included

Headlands and sidelands options added to block tools

Mainline Cut Pipe tool

Create multiple pressure or flow maps in one action

Pipe Reductions at outlets

New toolbar icons a Zone Design Configuration icon and a Show Flow icon have been included

New Report toolbar for one-click reporting

Object Info dialog box retains user-defined size between IRRICAD sessions

Duplicate Symbol tool

Many other minor improvements and fixes.



In Pro Version 14!

Import From Google Earth

Seamlessly import the image and elevations directly into IRRICAD via the new “Import from Google Earth” function.


Click a button in IRRICAD specify the required area in Google Earth and IRRICAD will import it and geo-position the image including the Google Earth spot heights.


View in Google Earth

Send your design file directly to Google Earth to view on top of the satellite imagery.

Save a design in the format used by Google Earth.  Then send it to a client or open it in Google Earth at your leisure.


Automatic Sprinkler Placement For Tree Blocks

For many tree crops or plantations the irrigation design starts with a grid of tree or plant positions.  IRRICAD Version 14 has a new tool which uses a Tree Block to drive the placement of sprinklers, emitters, and lateral pipes.

Typical Almond Tree Layout Typical Banana Plantation Layout Typical African Oil Palm Layout

Large Design Improvements

Increased support for large designs with enhanced loading, zooming and panning functionality.

Enhancements for designs with extremely large GIS coordinates.


Rationalisation Of Telescoping Sizes

Improved telescoping in submains and zones. After suitable sizes have been selected via LP Design IRRICAD logically rearranges pipes for practical installation.  This will minimise user customisation after designing.


AutoCAD Compatibility

Seamlessly import AutoCAD 2013 files.

Enhanced elevation importation.


Also Included

Recovery Options - Should a problem occur easily recover the design with the click of a button or send a problem design automtically.

Client information and addresses display in full in Reports.

SHIFT keyword enabled for valves and mainline outlets.

Globally add and change fittings in electrical items including listing fittings and subcomponents as an easy reference for installation.



In Pro Version 13!

Multi-Step Undo and Redo

If you have mistakenly performed an action you can reverse these actions - right back to when the design was last opened.
IRRICAD Undo retains all addition, deletion and modification actions for drawing and hydraulic entities.

Single File Saving

IRRICAD designs are now contained in a single *.dez file. This is a ZIP compressed archive which is automatically uncompressed when a design is opened.
The new file format makes sharing and file management much easier.

Improved Flushing Calculations & Reports

IRRICAD now uses valve pressure to calculate and report what is actually happening under these conditions

Zone flushing report: Extensive hydraulic reporting for tapes under flushing, based on valve pressure
Flush ID Keyword for labelling plan: Provides a graphical display of manifold numbering.

New Design Process Workflow

Zone design is now completed before the Management process to better align with traditional design workflow and ensure actual flows are used in the
Management process.

Tree Block Tool

Rapid tree block layout with auto-spacing and tree counts.

Geo-Tiff Importing & GIS Import Options

Geo-Tiff images are able to be imported directly, correctly scaled, to their world coordinates.



Polygon seed tool allows you to easily create a single object from regions defined by multiple objects.

Show area tool quickly displays the internal area of regions defined by multiple objects.

Current drawing properties toolbar for quick editing.


New label keywords including listing fittings and subcomponents as an easy reference for installation.

Second label set allows you to display, and toggle between, two separate sets of label properties on your design.


In Pro Version 12!

Autocad Capability

Increased AutoCAD compatibility means time saved as files no longer need to be re-saved in 2009 format.  Symbol colour export compatibility has also been improved producing dwg and dxf files which will properly display the database symbol colours.

Graphical Flow Display

Graphically view what outlets/emitters are outside the specified flow range for a zone. This will help you to quickly identify potential problems and reduce the time required to troubleshoot design warnings.

Graphical Pressure and Flow Legends

A legend can be optionally placed with the graphical pressure or flow display.

Show Allowable Submain Position

A new Submain placement guide takes the work out of deciding on the placement of submains in hilly terrain.  This tool may also be helpful when deciding how to subdivide larger blocks.

Selection Aid

A selection aid has been added to help you select a particular item when a number of items are in close proximity.  Time saving and easy!


Flushing Calculations and Reporting

Flushing calculations for tapes has been added to Pro Version 12.  After design a Flushing report can be viewed.

Language Versions

IRRICAD is now in available in French and Spanish.  Reports and templates for the language versions are provided with the V12 installation.  The language can be changed after installation.

Electrical Attributes

Electrical items now have the Attributes button enabled on the dialogs.

New Label Keywords for Spraylines

Pro V12 has added 'Outlet spacing', 'Outlet description', and 'Outlet label' keywords for spraylines and spray block labels.

Minor Changes

A new data field for actual pipe diameter has been added to the Report Editor.

A setting has been added so a path can be specified to the report templates. Great for different sets of reports (to shorten the menus) or for language versions.

Accelerator keys for adding, deleting, and editing components have been added to the Database Editor to speed up these functions.

The Winicad and Irribase INI files are now located in the IRRICAD\Config folder.  INI files contain your customised settings for toolbars etc.


In Pro Version 11!

Pipe Reduction Symbols

Automatically place pipe reduction symbols on the plan to clearly show installers the location, and direction, of pipe size changes. Faster and more accurate installations will result.



Graphical Pressure Display

Graphically view which outlets/emitters are outside the specified pressure range for a zone. This will help you to quickly identify potential problems and reduce the time required to troubleshoot design warnings.


Creating Contours from Spot Heights

IRRICAD can now create contours from spot heights helping you to visualize the topography of a property and add value to material presented to clients.

createcontours1 arrow createcontours2

Valve Specification Summary

This is a quick and easy method to view all Control Valves, including their flow and operating range, used in a design. Out of range valves are easily identified and may be changed by selecting from a list of alternatives suitable for the specific zone flow.


New Elevation Method

The updated method of elevation interpolation provides faster processing and creation of the Digital Elevation Model. Real world land forms are better represented especially when limited elevation data is available. There is no longer a limit to the number of contour segments (or spot heights) that can be processed. This reduces the time required when initially setting up a design and decreases the likelihood of subsequent elevation warnings occurring.


New Look Database Editor

The Database Editor has been revised to significantly improve usability. Pipe colours and line types may now be edited quickly in the grid view. Warehouse codes can now be up to 32 characters long. Copy the constant and index from the curve fitting utility to the appropriate fields at the click of a button. You can even copy selected products out of one database into another without having to merge the complete database!



In Pro Version 10.5!   

Improved Autocad handling

Irricad can now import AutoCAD files up to and including 2009 format. It has improved handling of layouts and Xrefs making it quicker and easier to import those files with layouts or paper spaces.

Improved Image Importing

Images can be now be individually rotated, hidden or embedded in the design. The image border can also be hidden, which is great for tiling or overlapping images. Images can now be saved in your plot templates and symbols!


Improved Rotate Tool

Courtesy of the Visual CADD engine upgrade this tool is now much improved. It is much easier to use as the tool now shows a “ghosted” image of the items you are rotating.

Connect Outlets Tool

With the success of the Connect Valves tool, and as a result of user requests, we have added a Connect Outlets tool. This tool will automatically connect an outlet to the nearest mainline or zone pipe as applicable.

Floating Layer Manager with NEW Layer Groups and Views

The new floating layer manager allows easy access to the layers to adjust visibility, determine which layers contain items and specify if a layer is printable. Layer Groups are used to save combinations of layer visibility that can then be retrieved in a single action. Views operate in a similar way and save a zoom state for later easy retrieval.


Hydraulic Gradeline Data Export

It is now a straight-forward process to export the hydraulic gradeline data to Excel. A new button on the dialog allows the data to be exported in XLS, CSV or TSV format.


A watermark can now be added to the printed output making it easy to superimpose ‘draft only’ or ‘confidential’ or ‘copyright’ etc. on the printed plan.

Database Item Display

Dialogs for database items such as pipes, outlets, valves, etc. now indicate if a design item cannot be located in the database or it can be found but is not enabled.


Clear Management Option

In the Design menu a Clear Management option has been added to clear the current management and decrease turn-around time for new management scenarios.

Hatch Preview Added

A preview has been added to the Hatch dialog. Also included is  an Auto Scale option which automatically provides an appropriate scale for the current zoom state. These changes add considerably to the usability of the Hatch tool.


Symbol Preview Added

A time-saving symbol preview has been added to aid symbol selection and sizing. Symbols can now also be inserted at a predefined angle.



In Pro Version 10!   

Unconnected Spray Block Entity

It is now possible to specify that a sprayline block entity is ‘unconnected’ – that is create a block entity consisting of individual pipes and outlets rather than spraylines.



Hydraulic Item Creation

All hydraulic and electrical items can now be created from relevant drawing items. By simply highlighting a drawing item you can turn it into an Area, Outlet, Pipe, Control Valve, Pump, Irrigation Block, Light, Controller, Wire, Misc. Electrical, Misc. Hydraulic, Sprayline or Tape.

New Toolbars

Toolbars can now be modified and re-arranged, with better icons and big buttons for laptop screens:


Importation of GPS/GIS/CSV Data

Drawing and elevation data from CSV and ESRI SHP files can now be directly imported into IRRICAD. Elevation data is entered via File|Import Contours while File|Importis used for normal drawing information.

Valve Symbol Colors

Multi-colored symbols may be selected for Valves etc. If a symbol is specified with the "Use symbol colour(s)", in the database editor, then the symbol will be displayed using the colors contained in the symbol definition.

New Copy Tools

Mirror Copy and Offset Copy have been introduced and all Copy tools are now enabled for use with hydraulic objects.

New Modification Tools

Trim and Extend are now available to trim back to an existing item or to extend to an existing item.

Merge Designs

Yes it is finally back! IRRICAD designs may now be merged together using the Merge… option in the Filemenu. This function merges all drawing and hydraulic objects, as well as fittings selection, Management and Design information.


Draw Order

Z-Order tools, Move to Front and Move to Back will allow specification of which order items are drawn. Helpful when placing images on top of plot layouts.

Exporting Reports to Excel

Report templates can now be made that save directly to a file. These files may be opened by Excel.

New Manual with Pro Version 10

A new on-line manual is available with Pro version 10. This can also be downloaded as a PDF or can be purchased as hard copy.

User Attributes and User Keywords

A 'User Attributes' field has been added to control valves, water supplies, block entities and miscellaneous hydraulic items. It allows the user to attach any textual information, to these items, that can be subsequently displayed in labels and reports.

For example for an Irrigation Area:


Adding the appropriate keywords to the label settings for Irrigation blocks:-


Will produce labels similar to this example:


Hatch and Fill Editing

The colour and the layer of an existing Fill entity may now be changed. Hatch editing has also been enabled, allowing all properties of a hatch to be changed.

Multiple Water Supply Systems

Designs with multiple but separate water supplies can now be fully analyzed (and LP Design used where appropriate) directly. It is no longer necessary to 'join' the separate systems with notional pipes.

Label Changes

New Keywords - More comprehensive hydraulic labeling has been enabled with the introduction of several new label keywords. New labels include maximum and minimum Pressures, Flows , Headlosses and Velocities, Flow per Area, Number of emitters, Group Spacing, Laterals per group and Row Spacing.
Label - When updating labels, IRRICAD now retains the position you moved the label to if it has been moved.
Keyword Combo
- A keyword dropdown box has also been added to the Label text dialog. This displays and briefly describes the label keywords, and allows them to be easily inserted.


Document Summary Info

Design details are now copied to the design file properties summary information section, allowing specific designs to be more readily identified in Windows Explorer.



New Features in IRRICAD Pro Version 9.5

Automatic Flushing Manifolds

Flushing manifolds can now be created automatically for Block Entities. These manifolds may be used for fittings selection and generating Bills of Materials.


IRRICAD will automatically create the flushing manifold to your specification simply by filling in a few fields!



BOMs for Staged Development and Existing Systems

In previous versions the only way to produce a BOM/Costing report for staged development, or allow for existing equipment, was to create copies of a design and then delete the appropriate equipment as required

Version 9.5 introduces the concept of Scope. This flag can be set for all hydraulic items, both individually and globally, and allows items to be designated as BOM Only, Design Only or Design + BOM. This feature allows you to:-

- Design, Analyse and cost extensions to existing systems.

- Easily produce costings and BOM for staged developments




 Mainline Hydraulic Gradeline

The “Hydraulic Gradeline” tool can now beused for Mainline pipes. The ground elevation, pipe pressure, maximum allowable pipe pressure can be shown for any or all system flows.


Improved Gradeline Dialog

The HGL dialog has been significantly enhanced with print, copy and save functionality added. Additionally the display of elevations, pressure ranges and limits can now be controlled.



Faster access to Snap Settings

A Snap Panel has been added to the Status Bar. This panel shows the currently selected default snap mode and allows quick access to the Snap and Grid settings.


Selection Filter Panel

The selection filter is a very useful tool but everyone who uses it will have at some time forgotten that it was on and wondered why they were unable to select anything. The new Selection Filter Panel helps to alleviate this problem by showing the status of the selection filter - a red panel indicates that the filter is active. The filter settings can also be accessed, and filter state toggled, from the panel.



Quick Access to Layer Visibility

A fast method to enable or disable layers has been added to the right-click menu of the selection tools.



New Selection Methods

The way the selection tools operate is now switchable. Two modes are available: the standard Irricad mode and a new “Windows Style” single selection method.

Clicking and dragging in the Select Object now operates as a Window Select.

Selecting Block entities can sometimes be difficult. Holding down the key while clicking on any item that is part of the required block (e.g. one of the laterals) now selects the block entity.

Object Info

The display of hydraulic information can now be controlled directly from the Object Info dialog.


Major New Features in IRRICAD Pro 9:

Block Entities

IRRICAD Pro introduces the concept of “Block Entities”. Block Entities retain the drawn boundary of the block tools and “group” the laterals contained by them. They include the facility to automatically place control valves and submains, and greatly simplify the process of changing the type and spacing of laterals. Additional options include the ability to specify headlands/sidelands and lateral grouping.

Subdivision of Large Blocks

The new Subdivision tool allows Block Entities to be subdivided into smaller sub blocks, streamlining the whole process considerably. When the subdivision dialog has been closed, a preview of the subdivision is displayed and a dialog listing the areas of the proposed subareas shown. At this stage sub-areas may be joined together, the current arrangement accepted, or the process repeated.

Graphical Representation of the System Operation

Arranging the system operation for designs that have a large number of zones can be difficult and time consuming. This process has been greatly improved by the introduction of a new graphically based management tool using color coding.

Enhanced Reports

Design reports have been enhanced and are easier to use and read.

Convert Drawing Items to Hydraulic Items with Ease

It is now possible to convert drawing items (both those drawn in IRRICAD or imported via DXF/DWG file) to hydraulic items by simply selecting the required tems and then applying the appropriate hydraulic tool.





New Hydraulic Calculation Options

There is now a choice of the calculation formula used for analyzing tape hydraulics. The Diskin method may now be selected instead of the current Darcy-Weisbach method. In addition the Kinematic Viscosity may be specifies to account for a range of water temperatures and qualities.

Visual Connectivity Check

The connectivity check has been improved to visually display hydraulic items that are not connected, enabling the designer to quickly identity unconnected items.

New Highlight Elevations Tool

The new “Highlight Elevations” tool colours contours and spot heights based on their elevation making any anomalies much easier to locate and correct.

Design Based Label Settings

Label Settings are now design based. This means it is now possible for each design to have a unique set of label settings.

Enhanced Zone Design Configuration

The Zone Design Configuration dialog has been significantly improved, to include zones listed by zone name order. The actual valve pressure and minimum/maximum emitter pressures are displayed in the dialog and a facility to override the pressure range, calculated from the database defaults, used in the design process has been added.

Create Empty Template Designs with Retained Hydraulic Dialog Settings

Values entered or database items selected, in all Hydraulic Item dialogs, are now retained with each individual design. This makes it possible to create empty“ Template” designs that can be used efficient starting points for different types of irrigation systems.

Advanced Method for Elevation Data

A new method of analyzing tapes is included, so that the elevation at each emitter is used in the calculations. This method utilizes a Digital Elevation Model (DEM).


View Elevations as a 3D Representation

With a 3D DEM view you get a 3 dimensional view of the property and its topography.

New DXF Importation Features

The number of individual segments is now counted during the contour importing process and a warning issued if the internal limit is exceeded. "Import Contours" now allows for multiple entities sections and also for LWPOLYLINE DXF entities.

Easy Contour Simplification

Enhancements have been made changes to the "Convert to Elevations" tool so that only items on visible layers are considered when attempting to join lines to create contours.

OLE Functionality

It is now possible to embed documents, spreadsheets and other objects in your IRRICAD design.

Valve Connector Tool

A new tool has been added that will automatically connect valves to the nearest mainline pipe.

Management Symbol

When graphical management is performed, a symbol representing the shift pattern is automatically created. This symbol can then be included in the design.

Hydraulic Gradeline

A new tool has been added which can display the hydraulic gradeline for spraylines, tapes and submain pipes.

Min/Max Pressure Labels

A new tool has been added that will display the location and value of the minimum and maximum emitter pressures for each zone. Website Design