IRRICAD Link V19 For AutoCAD 2021 and BricsCAD V21

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IRRICAD Link V19 For AutoCAD 2021 and BricsCAD V21

Post by jovivier »

IRRICAD Link Version 19 has been released and will run on:-
- AutoCAD Professional 2021
- BricsCAD Pro/Platinum v21
- AutoCAD Professional 2020
- BricsCAD Pro/Platinum v20

Version 19 brings you new features such as Run Length Calculator for Tapes, Automatic Pipe Hops for IRRICAD items, Elevation Map for Zones, Polyline Option for Tape Direction, Subdivision Additions, and much more. You can read all about the great benefits of IRRICAD Link 19 in our flyer, downloadable from ... 9Flyer.pdf .

To upgrade to IRRICAD Link Version 19 contact your local IRRICAD distributor.


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