Rationalization Parameters

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Rationalization Parameters

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In Version 17, in Design Parameters, Hydraulic Parameters, and Rationalization Parameters, I see the ability to use zone and mainline pipe pressure ratings in the design process. I know the pressure ratings are located in the pipe database. My question is, what pressure for a particular pipe in the pipe database field "Allowable Pressure" do I enter, and how is that number used in the rationalization process. For example, if I put an allowable pressure of 100 psi in the database, does the rationalization process switch to a heavier walled pipe at 100 psi, or at a percentage of 100 psi?

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Re: Rationalization Parameters

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Hi Steve,

There is no tolerance built into this setting, therefore if your allowable pressure is set to 100psi then any pipe pressures greater than 100psi will cause an automatic change to a suitable pipe size rated at over 100psi during LP or Velocity designing.


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