How To: Add your logo to an Irricad Link layout

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How To: Add your logo to an Irricad Link layout

Post by Dan Crosby » Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:28 pm

Irricad Link comes with some pre-installed file templates, which include paper-space Layouts. The Layouts contain the Irricad logo, but you may wish to replace this with your own company branding. This guide will focus on modifying a pre-installed Irricad template to include different branding. For the process of creating layouts from scratch, there are many guides available online (for example). You will need to have your logo in bitmap (BMP) format for this procedure. Bear in mind that this bitmap will be embedded into every design based on this template, so keeping the image size low is recommended.
Your brand logo
ACME.png (9.85 KiB) Viewed 414 times
  1. Prevent template from becoming an Irricad design
    A DWG (or DWT) file is turned into an Irricad design whenever an Irricad command is executed with the document active. If you wish to use a DWT template as the default for Irricad Link, such that a new document is opened when BricsCAD or AutoCAD starts, the template must not be an Irricad design. This is because the host CAD environment opens the default document before it loads Irricad, meaning that any Irricad elements in the template will not be recognised.

    If your default template does contain Irricad elements, you will see this message when starting Link:
    Error 44
    Err44.png (9.22 KiB) Viewed 413 times
  2. Start CAD without Link
    The easiest way to be sure your DWT file is not turned into an Irricad design is to start your CAD program without Link loaded. However, both AutoCAD and BricsCAD default to loading the last used profile when started. To prevent Link loading when you just want to run CAD, you must specify a particular profile in the desktop shortcut:
    AutoCAD Shortcut
    ACAD_SC.png (30.56 KiB) Viewed 413 times
    This is done by adding the /P “Default” command line argument as shown above.
  3. Open the template you wish to modify
    Note the default template locations are:


    C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Local\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2018\R22.0\enu\Template

    (Note the language code may also be different if you use a non-English version of your CAD program)
  4. On the relevant layout tab, select and delete the Irricad logo
    It may be helpful to set the OLEFRAME variable to 2 to display a non-printing border around the graphic.
  5. From the menu select “Insert | OLE Object…” (AutoCAD) or “Insert | Insert Object…” (BricsCAD)
    The following dialog will be displayed:
    Insert Object
    InsertObject.png (47.98 KiB) Viewed 413 times
  6. Choose “Create from File”, and then browse for your logo BMP file.
    Create From File
    CreateFromFile.png (33.01 KiB) Viewed 413 times
    Do not check "Link" or "Display As Icon"
  7. Once the image is embedded, move and size it as you require
    Positioned Logo
    LogoPositioned.png (24.44 KiB) Viewed 406 times
  8. Save the DWT template 

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