In Version 16!

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New Features

This page will keep you up-to-date with recent Irricad developments, and highlight features soon to arrive.

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For a full list of new features and bug fixes, please see the ReadMe file

In Version 16!


Travel Time Calculations

New to Version 16!  Enable the travel time calculation to see the time it takes for water and solutes to travel through an irrigation system – as easy as 1,2 3!


Elevation Profile Tool

Create an elevation profile along a line or pipeline. Mark the high and low points or specify your own markers along the profile.

Globally Change the Pipe Roughness Factor

Version 16 introduces the ability to globally adjust Hazen-Williams roughness factors for your pipes without editing the database. Values may be adjusted via a percentage or an absolute increase/decrease.

Streamlined Demand Point Changes

Have you ever wanted to change the pressure and/or flow of your demand points?  Now you can do this quickly in the improved Valve Summary dialog.  Also added is the ability to change the nominal pressure requirements for mainline outlets.

Mainline Hydraulic Gradeline Selection

No longer do you need to select each individual pipe segment along a mainline path to create the required hydraulic gradeline. Now simply select the mainline outlet, valve, pump, or junction for the HGL to be created from that point back to the water source.


Mainline Minor Losses Exclusion

The minor losses calculation for the mainline may now be turned off when required.


Also Included

The number of water supplies has been increased from 10 to 20

Increased import compatibility for DXF/DWG files including support for AutoCAD 2017 format

Enhancements to information exported from the Hydraulic Gradeline

Improved KML importation

New label keywords including static pressures and coordinates

PRV pressures can now be globally modified

Many other minor improvements and fixes.

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