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Dan Crosby
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Labeling Feedback

Post by Dan Crosby »

Hello Irricad Users,

We are evaluating the possibility of expanding the labeling system in Irricad to improve its flexibility. This message is to solicit your views on some of our ideas:
  • New Label Type Definitions
    For instances, a separate label for water supplies. Are any other definitions required?
  • Saving / Loading Definitions
    We think it would be good to be able to quickly load and save sets of label definitions. Is this something you would find useful?
  • Multiple Labels
    Should it be possible to have more than one label per entity? (e.g., Zone Pipe Label 1, Zone Pipe Label 2...). For instance, this would allow for the separation of 'physical' labels (e.g., description, length) from 'hydraulic' labels (e.g., flow, head loss).
  • 'De-globalisation' of Settings
    Would it be useful to have the global label settings (combine pipe, check label length, angle tolerance, length allowance etc.) apply to each label type (pipes etc. only) separately? Alternatively would a single set of these for each of the multiple labels be acceptable? Or would this be a source of confusion?
Thanks for the feedback,

The Irricad Team

Dan Crosby
Irricad Developer
Lincoln Agritech Ltd

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Matt Binder
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Re: Labeling Feedback

Post by Matt Binder »

Hello Dan,

In my opinion I believe the labeling is fine the way it is at the moment. I do not see any long term benifits in spending time upgrading this part of the program.

My only suggestion would be as you have touched on in your comments, to add the option to label the water source automatically. e.g.

Supply No. 1
Water Supply Level : xx
Flow Rate Required : xx
Pressure Required : xx

Kind Regards,
Matthew Binder
Think Water Riverland
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Re: Labeling Feedback

Post by technique »

I have some suggestions about the labeling function:

1- Assign each label to a symbol such as arrow to Tape label to indicate the direction of tapes in addition to the label

2- Provide opportunity to use one color for the Mainline pipes (red for example) and Zone pipes (blue for example) by water supply, if we have more than water supply are given a different color for each pipes. Example: water supply1: Mainline pipes (Red)/ water supply2: Mainline pipes (orange)

Kind Regards,


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Re: Labeling Feedback

Post by kasrarezaie »


1-For watersupply & pump's height , flow in each systemflow or max,min
2- A few free lable for special work (type in template) such as client
3- I think combine,check lable lenght ,etc must be changed in each lable(zone pipe,main pipe ,etc)
4- If in check lable lenght ,lenght of lable was adjastable be useful.and minimum of lenght were variable


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