Version 10.5 has been released

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Version 10.5 has been released

Post by jovivier »

Version 10.5 has been released. If you have purchased a new copy of, or an upgrade to, IRRICAD Pro Version 10 then this upgrade is free of charge. Please download it from .

If you have not upgraded your license in the last 6 months, you can choose to purchase an upgrade. Keeping your version of IRRICAD up to date ensures that you will continue to be provided with priority support and upgrades at the lowest cost. Purchasing Pro Version 10.5 will provide you with the 3rd quarter 2010 and 1st quarter 2011 major releases, priority support until Pro Version 11.5 is released in the 3rd quarter of 2011, and any minor patches released during this time. We will be adding some new and exciting features to IRRICAD this year.

Please note that support is no longer offered for older versions of IRRICAD.

To check what version you are entitled to please check “Dongle Version” under “About IRRICAD” in the Irricad “Help” menu or contact your local IRRICAD Support team.

Thank you for using IRRICAD.

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