More Changes at Google Effect Irricad Importation Tool

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More Changes at Google Effect Irricad Importation Tool

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Dear All,

Google have recently changed the terms of service for access to the Google Maps APIs upon which our Import From Google Earth utility is built.
You may already have received an email from Google regarding this.

From 11th June 2018, Google plans to disable keyless access to their Google Maps APIs and require that API keys are associated with a billable account.

If you are a user of Irricad’s Import from Google Earth utility, you should already have acquired a Google API key. The upcoming changes will mean that your key needs to be associated with a billing account (e.g., a credit card number). Every billing account is given $200 worth of free API usage every month. We would anticipate that normal usage of the Irricad import function would not result in an additional charges (i.e., usage would be covered by the free monthly usage limit). Note that it is possible to assign a budget and budget reminders to your account in order to avoid surprise charges.

If you would like to find out more about these changes please refer to Google’s user guide:

In particular, you may be interested in the pricing structure, noting that the Places Elevation API is the main one used by our import utility:

If you would like more info about acquiring an API key or enabling billing and budgeting for your API key, please see the following How To topic on our forum:

If you have any further queries, please contact your local Irricad representative,


The Irricad Team

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