New Standalone Patch for V18 Auto-Detects DPI Scale

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New Standalone Patch for V18 Auto-Detects DPI Scale

Post by jovivier »

A new Patch, 18.05, is now available.
This includes the ability to auto-correct if the text size (DPI setting) has been changed. Now when changing the computer's text size simply log out or restart the computer for IRRICAD to seamlessly use the new scale, both in IRRICAD and Import from Google Earth.

Download 18.05 ... 5Setup.exe and run the executable to install it. Note that when patching 18.03 or 18.04 you will just see a “wait while 18.05 configures the system…” message instead of the normal upgrade dialog. This will be very quick and V18.05 will be installed seamlessly. (If you happen to run the upgrade again, after v18.05 has been installed, then you will see a dialog with "Add or Remove Features", "Repair,/Reinstall", or "Remove" options, simply cancel this and run IRRICAD).

Note,if you have not yet installed Version 18 the download from includes v18.05 and is therefore a one-step process to install the latest version of IRRICAD.
The Readme can be downloaded from ... Readme.txt .


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