Couldn't find file C:\Windows\TEMP\~Des~Int.mdb' (3024)

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Couldn't find file C:\Windows\TEMP\~Des~Int.mdb' (3024)

Post by jovivier »

What do I do when I get the error message 'Database Exception error, Couldn't find file C:\Windows\TEMP\~Des~Int.mdb' (3024)?

* Check the internal database for the design is in the same directory as the design.
* Make sure you have enough disk space.
* Have a look in your Temp folder (commonly C:\Documents and Settings\(log on name)\Local Settings\Temp) and see if there is a ~Des~Int.mdb there (with Irricad closed) delete it and try again.
* Make sure that there is a Skeleton.mdb in your Irricad folder (commonly C:\Program File\AEI Software\Irricad) .
* Check the internal database is not a read-only file (right click on the internal database - the database belonging to your design with the same name - select properties and uncheck Read-Only if it is checked).
* Restart and see what happens.

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