Error message 'Database Exception error'

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Error message 'Database Exception error'

Post by jovivier »

What do I do when I get the error message 'Database Exception error, Couldn't find file C:\Windows\TEMP\~Des~Int.mdb' (3024)?

* Check the internal database for the design is in the same directory as the design.
* Make sure you have enough disk space.
* Have a look in your Temp folder (commonly C:\Documents and Settings\(log on name)\Local Settings\Temp) and see if there is a ~Des~Int.mdb there (with Irricad closed) delete it and try again.
* Make sure that there is a Skeleton.mdb in your Irricad folder (commonly C:\Program File\AEI Software\Irricad) .
* Check the internal database is not a read-only file (right click on the internal database - the database belonging to your design with the same name - select properties and uncheck Read-Only if it is checked).
* Restart and see what happens.

Note for Version 13 or 14 designs saved as DEZ files the internal database is contained within the compressed DEZ. Send the file to your local support to check the internal files are not Read-Only.

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