If Opening Reports Crashes IRRICAD

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If Opening Reports Crashes IRRICAD

Post by jovivier » Wed May 23, 2012 9:35 am

If IRRICAD closes down when trying to open a report, and the crash address is in Rep8.dll (you can see this if you click on the blue underlines ‘click here’ in the crash message under XP or 'View details' under Windows 7),
the reports printer is the issue.
Basically the default reports printer cannot be found or does not exist anymore.

To fix:
1. Select the correct printer in File|Reports Print Setup. This resets the default printer saved in the registry. Note that if the correct printer was already showing change it to another one and close the dialog. Then go back into the dialog and select the correct printer.

2. Close IRRICAD to save the changes you have made.

3. Now run IRRICAD, open your design and open your report.

If your problem persists the registry may need to be edited manually. Contact your local support.

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