Importing DXF / DWG Files

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Importing DXF / DWG Files

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The process of importing DXF/DWG (AutoCAD) files into IRRICAD generally works very well. However due to the different formats that various versions of AutoCAD produce, issues may arise during importation. Potential difficulties and solutions to these difficulties are listed below.
  • Versions: The current version of AutoCAD files that IRRICAD v14 can import is Autocad 2013 format files.
    Version 12 is able to import is AC2012 format files. This can be achieved by saving the dxf file in AutoCAD as a release 2012 or lower version.
    Versions 10.5 and 11 are able to import is AC2009 format files. This can be achieved by saving the dxf file in AutoCAD as a release 2009 or lower version.
  • Real World Units: AutoCAD objects must be drawn in real world units to import correctly into IRRICAD.
  • X-Refs: X-refs cannot be imported. The X-Ref can be attached at any location, scale, and rotation. To import these successfully, the solutions are :
    • Detach the X-Ref and import either the AutoCAD file or the X-Ref file (depending on what information is required).
    • Explode the x-refs in AutoCAD before saving the file.
  • The AutoCAD file imports successfully but appears as a dot on the screen: This is caused by an object such as a leader that has broken off and is placed a large distance away from the design objects. Once imported in IRRICAD, ascertain whether the objects that are a large distance away from the design are relevant. If not, in IRRICAD:
    • Turn all the layers on.
    • Zoom in to the design.
    • Select everything in the design that you want to retain.
    • Tools | Invert selection.
    • Delete.
    Zoom all should then bring the design onto the screen at a reasonable size.
If there are issues that arise with specific objects in a file, a good first course of action would be to explode the object in AutoCAD and then save and import the file into IRRICAD.

When importing AutoCAD files into IRRICAD, there are IRRICAD settings that control some parameters. For example, if it is necessary to retain the AutoCAD colours when the file is in IRRICAD, this can be set in ‘Settings | Import/Export Settings’. Instructions on these settings can be found in ‘Help | Release Notes | Import/export settings’. Also the units must match the units in the AutoCAD file. This can be set in ‘Settings | Units | Importing’.

If you have further issues, there are various free to download utilities on the internet that convert higher version files to lower version files. Some of these are: If you are still having issues, please send the file to your IRRICAD representative.

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