Error “File 1: File could not be opened” message occurs

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Error “File 1: File could not be opened” message occurs

Post by jovivier » Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:24 pm

If trying to open a design and receive the message:-
this indicates something went wrong with the saving of the design and the DEZ (archive) file is broken in some way. This could be caused by a hard-disk error.

Some files are recoverable by using a freeware zip-file repair program. We use Zip_Repair from DiskInternals, which can be downloaded from .

In order to use a zip repair program you will first have to rename the .DEZ file to .ZIP by locating the file via My Computer:-
Then follow the instructions in the zip file repair program.
Browse for the broken file and enter the path for the repaired design if this is to be saved in a different place.
Click Next for the zip file to be repaired. The contents of the dez/zip file can be viewed.
After the repair process rename the .ZIP file back to .DEZ and open in IRRICAD.

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