Google Maps Selected Area is not Area that Gets Imported

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Google Maps Selected Area is not Area that Gets Imported

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Symptom: The area that is selected with the red rectangle in the Import from Google Earth utility is not the area that gets imported into IRRICAD.

This is caused by the original IrricadGEImport.ini file from the original Import from Google Earth utility. To update this for the new settings re-download the new utility from ... Esetup.exe and re-install it into the Irricad folder.

Alternatively, to avoid downloading the large installation again you can simply download the ini file from ..., extract the ini file from the zip file, and manually overwrite the existing ini file your Irricad folder.

Note that if you have previously obtained an API key you should keep a copy in a safe place as re-installing the utility will overwrite your existing .ini file.

Note the new utility does not have a lock ratio on the selection rectangle.

If you have increased your computer's text size then symptoms similar to this may also occur. Therefore if the above steps do not solve the problem please read our forum post .

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