"Improper Argument" Message or Crash when Closing IRRICAD

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"Improper Argument" Message or Crash when Closing IRRICAD

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If IRRICAD crashes with a similar message as shown below
CrashOnClosing.png (35.06 KiB) Viewed 6275 times
or you see an "Improper Argument" message when closing IRRICAD, and the only way to exit is to restart the computer, this issue appears to be caused by a corrupt winicad.ini file.

To fix the issue follow the below steps:-
1. Close IRRICAD.

2. Using "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer" browse to the Irricad “\Config” folder (typically C:\Program Files\AEI Software (x86)\Irricad Pro 14\Config ).

3. Locate the Winicad.ini file. Note that if the file extensions are off you will not see the ".ini" extension.

4. Rename the Winicad.ini - for example to WinicadOld.ini. It is best not to delete this file just in case it is not corrupted and you would like to retain your current set of personalised settings.

5. Restart IRRICAD.

Note the content and location of the toolbars will be reset to the installation defaults so you will need to redo any customisation.

Tip: Take a copy of the .ini file as soon as the toolbars have been customised and save it to a different location. Then if you need to recreate the .ini file at a later date simply save the copy back to the config folder and overwrite the corrupt file.

Similar problems with the IRRICAD Database Editor and Curve Fit utility may be remedied by following steps 1-4 above but renaming “Irribase.ini” instead of “Winicad.ini”.

Note with older versions of IRRICAD (Version 8 to Pro Version 11) the Winicad.ini and Irribase.ini file is located in C:\Windows.

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