Symbols should only be made with database scale factor of 1

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Symbols should only be made with database scale factor of 1

Post by jovivier »

If you receive a warning message when trying to create a symbol in a design:
"Templates and symbols should only be made with a database scale factor of 1.0.
Please reset the scale and try again."
then the scale factor referred to can be found in Settings|Grid/Origin/GIS:-
DBScale.png (14.01 KiB) Viewed 5508 times

If this scale factor is greater than 1 you cannot create symbols or templates.

Reasons why the scale would be greater than 1 are:-
1) There is a point far off from the design and therefore the extents of the design are huge.
2) The extents of the actual design are greater than 12.5km.

If #1 is the reason follow the steps in the forum post Message: Warning- coordinates range too large please correct - .

If #2 is the reason either draw the symbol in a new clean design or save a copy of the design, remove everything that is not to be included in the symbol, run File|Compress, and then create the symbol for use in the actual design.

If you are wanting to create an 'image' of an existing design another method is to import the .VCD file of the other design. To do this either save the other design as a .des file so you can see the .vcd file, or change .dez to .zip and extract the contents of the zip file to be able to import the .vcd file (then change .zip back to .dez).

Alternatively, if you are wanting both designs to be hydraulically complete with design reports for both systems use File|Merge instead. This will merge one hydraulic design into the other design. Note that before you do so you probably want to move all existing items on to new layers or else all Mainline pipes, for example, will end up on the MAINLINE_PIPES layer. To be able to turn off each system on the screen separately you might want to create layers such as DRIP_MAINLINE_PIPES and move the mainline pipes etc., before merging in the cooling/frost system design.

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