If Irricad Crashes When Trying To Print Any Design

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If Irricad Crashes When Trying To Print Any Design

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If upon selecting File|Print or File|Export PDF File IRRICAD crashes unexpectedly then the cause could be a corruption or old printer specified in the registry. To fix this select Draw|Plot Layout and set the Printer and plot layout as you prefer. Then click the [Save as Default] button – this will overwrite the current default printer in the registry or any corruption to the setting. RESTART IRRICAD.

If this doesn't work the default printer entry will need to be deleted from the registry before resetting the printer via Draw|Plot Layout as above.
To edit the registry:
1. Close IRRICAD and go to Start | Run and type in Regedit
2. Open the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder
3. Open the Software folder
4. Open the AEI Software folder
5. Open the Irricad folder
6. Open the VisualSettings folder
7. Open the Print folder
8. On the right-hand side you will see a list of value in this folder. Double click on the “Printer” value
9. In the Value Data field delete the name of the printer and click OK
10. Close the Registry Editor window and restart IRRICAD.

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