If Google Earth Import Stops Working

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If Google Earth Import Stops Working

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If you are experiencing Import from Google Earth no longer working this can be due to a number of factors.
Here are some known causes of issues and solutions.
Note that in Version 18+ you can right-click on the top of the Import from Google Earth window (next to "Import from Google Earth" at the top left) and select "DevTools". Go to The "Console" tab to see any messages.

1. The image displays with the words "For Development purposes only" tiled over the image. This is usually caused by billing not being enabled on your Google account. In Version 18's DevTools "Console" tab, the error message will be "You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud Project". See our forum post https://www.irricad.com/phpbb3/viewtopi ... 7#Existing for assistance. If you have previously linked a credit card for billing on your API key then an expired credit card will give the same message. Log into the Google console and update the credit card details.

2. Messages such as "Request Denied" followed by "Your daily Google Maps quota has been exceeded..." can mean that you have exceeded the budget of the free $200 worth for that month. However, it often means that billing has not been enabled for your API key. Go to Google Cloud Console to add billing information as per the forum post https://www.irricad.com/phpbb3/viewtopi ... 7#Existing .

3. Blank white screen - no image loads after a few minutes. The DevTools "Console" tab may return a message such as:- "Failed to load resource: Net::ERRI_CONNECTION_REFUSED". This indicates that the firewall is stopping the traffic between your computer and Google Maps. Talk to your IT about this. A test to confirm that this issue is due to your office networking is to use the Import from Google Earth with your API key outside of the office or by connecting to the internet in a different way (e.g., from a mobile hot spot).
The maps request we use is:-
https://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?lib ... uage=en-US
The elevations request we use is:
https://maps.google.com/maps/api/elevat ... YourApiKey (replace "YourApiKey" with your actual API key).
You may need your IT people to check that the firewall or proxy server is not blocking traffic to and from these two websites.
If the proxy server is the issue, then it may need to be configured to let communication through. Our utility app (IrricadGEImport.exe) communicates with Google’s API servers using standard HTTP on port 80. Alternatively, perhaps the firewall is blocking the executable by name (i.e., "IrricadGEImport.exe") which could have an exception added.

4. A grey screen - this usually indicates that the internet is slow. The image should appear after some time.

5. If the image does not load and you see an "Oops! Something went wrong" message then the DevTools "Console" tab may provide the clue as to the cause of the issue. For example, it might be that a required api has not been activated or restricted in the Google Cloud Console. Check on your Google Console under "Credentials".

6. Even though Version 18+ will pop up a dialog asking for an API key if it is not present, if you cancel this dialog you will see the image load with the words "For Development purposes only" tiled over the image and a screen message "No API key could be found". You can copy your IrricadGEImport.ini file from another IRRICAD folder if you have installed "side by side", or simply copy your API key into the dialog for IRRICAD to save the API key into the new ini file for you. If you do not yet have an API key follow our forum post about obtaining an API key:- http://www.irricad.com/phpbb3/viewtopic ... =607#p1418.

7. If your API key is incomplete or incorrect a message will appear "The API key is invalid". Check on your Google Console under "Credentials" for the correct API key and add it to the IrricadGEImport.ini file.

If you are still experiencing an issue or do not know what the issue is please feel free to send us your API key to check - Support@IRRICAD.com.


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