How to Correctly Send Screen Shots

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How to Correctly Send Screen Shots

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It is often very useful for us to receive screen shots from you when sending us support emails and describing an issue. However, these screen shots need to be able to be read so here are some tips to keep in mind when taking a screen shot.

1. Use the Alt+ Print Screen keys on the keyboard where possible – this will grab the current dialog/window. However, if you need the background behind the dialog as well as the dialog or need to show a dropdown box option then just use the Print Screen key.

2. If you have multiple monitors the Print Screen key will take a screen shot of both screens. Do NOT send us this image. If we need to read something in your IRRICAD screen we won’t be able to. If you can’t use Alt+ Print Screen, to capture more than the active dialog/screen, then paste the screen shot into Paint and use the “Select” tool to cut out the relevant information to paste in to an email.

3. Another option is the use the “Snipping tool” to just grab a portion of the relevant screen. Search for the snipping tool in Windows search bar.


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