Why do my hydraulic objects disappear when I move the fill?

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Why do my hydraulic objects disappear when I move the fill?

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Why do my hydraulic objects disappear when I move the fill underneath them?

This will only occur in versions older than Version 9.
Fills can be moved to back (Plot Template/Move Fills to Back) for geometric objects if the fill is accidently moved on top of the drawing. If the fills are turned off (Drawing Items, uncheck Fills to turn them off or if the DRAWING layer is turned off) they still tend to be selected. When items are moved a new object is created and the old one deleted, hence the fill which was behind everything is now on top of everything. This principle will also work for re-creating the hydraulic objects so they are on top of the fill.

The fills must be turned on so you can see them. Use the Select All tool and then select the Select Object tool and click on the Fill to de-select it. This means that everything is selected except the fill. The trick is to move the plan and then move it back exactly where it was before. We will use direct distance entry to do this. Select Move and use Snaps/Endpoint to snap to the end of a line or pipe you can easily see as the Reference point. Type 300,<0 and press Enter on the keyboard (change the distance e.g. 300 to suit your plan size - the aim is to move everything away from the existing drawing) for the Offset point. Everything in your plan except the fill will be re-drawn in the new place. Now do the opposite. Select Move and use Snaps/Enpoint to connect the the same line or pipe used previously as the Reference point. Type 300,<180 and press Enter as the Offset point. Everything should be moved back to exactly where it was before, with the fill underneath.

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