The VCADD DLL could not load because of a memory conflict

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The VCADD DLL could not load because of a memory conflict

Post by jovivier »

Error on opening IRRICAD: 'The VCADD DLL could not load because of a memory conflict. Error code 487-676c0000. Please report this error to Tritools'

IRRICAD on initial installation comes up with the above error.

* In Windows Explorer (Right click on the START button | Explore) and navigate to where IRRICAD has been installed (this is typically "C:\Program Files\AEI Software\IRRICAD").
* In this folder, find a configuration settings file called 'VCADD.ini'. Please note that the file extensions on your PC may be turned off, and the file name could appear as VCADD.
* Open this in a text editor (right click on the file and 'open with' and choose Notepad)
* In this file find the section called VCDefaults (note that the sections are denoted by [] around the section title, e.g. [VCDefaults]). If there is not a [VCDefaults] section, please make one by typing in [VCDefaults] at the end of one section (go to the end of a section line and press enter to enter a new line and type it in).
* Under this section add:
NTSize=64 These need to be on separate lines with no spaces in between them.
* Save the file and then launch IRRICAD. IRRICAD should now load up.

With the later version of the Visual CADD engine (such as in Pro Version 10.5+), this is done automatically so you should not see message if running the current version.

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