What To Do If Your Digitiser Buttons Do Not Work

FAQs for older versions of Irricad.
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What To Do If Your Digitiser Buttons Do Not Work

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The generic mapping of the puck buttons is not working, so you will need to force a button mapping. To do this you need to edit the parameters in the registry.
• ‘Start | Run’ - type in 'Regedit', click 'OK'
• On the left hand side of the double window pane, navigate to :
(please note that these settings will not be there until you have launched IRRICAD and then exited at least once)
• Change the ‘Use Driver Map’ to equal 0
(Note if it is set to 1 then the digitiser will attempt to use the button map from the digitiser driver)
• Navigate to:
This number should equal the number of buttons on your puck or stylus. If not, please change it.
Then there should be entries for Button0, Button1, Button2 etc., up to the number of buttons on your puck minus 1. Use the following numbers to assign specific actions to specific buttons:
Left Click – 1
Right Click – 4
Middle Click – 7
Escape – 15
When IRRICAD starts up, it will read the numbers and map the appropriate actions to the appropriate buttons.

These mappings only apply in tablet mode. This can cause some issues. In order to avoid this, you must also enter the same mappings in the TabletWorks program.
‘Start | Programs | TabletWorks’.

If you have any further problems, please contact your nearest IRRICAD support.

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