Adding Additional IRRICAD Keywords to the Layout

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Adding Additional IRRICAD Keywords to the Layout

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When editing a Layout template you may wish to add additional field names to auto-populate the layout with required information.
The available field names are:

Layout Field Names Use
IRR_CompanyLegalName from Irricad Options|Company - Company Formal Name
IRR_DesignDate from Irricad Options|Design Details - Headings Date. Date is created when design is started
IRR_Designer from Irricad Options|Miscellaneous - Designer
IRR_DesignSite from Irricad Options|Design Details - Site
IRR_ClientName from Irricad Options|Client - Client Name
IRR_DesignNotes from Irricad Options|Design Details - Notes / Comments
IRR_BranchCity from Irricad Options|Company - Branch City
IRR_CompanyAddress from Irricad Options|Company - Company Address
IRR_CompanyPhone from Irricad Options|Company - Company Phone
IRR_CompanyFax from Irricad Options|Company - Company Fax
IRR_JobAddress from Irricad Options|Design Details – Job Address
IRR_QuoteNumber from Irricad Options|Design Details – Quote Number
IRR_DesignDescription from Irricad Options|Design Details –Description
IRR_ClientShortName from Irricad Options|Client - Short Name
IRR_ClientAddress from Irricad Options|Client - Address
IRR_ClientHomePhone from Irricad Options|Client - Home Phone
IRR_ClientWorkPhone from Irricad Options|Client - Work Phone
IRR_ClientFax from Irricad Options|Client - Fax
IRR_ClientCode from Irricad Options|Client - Code (3 chars only)
IRR_EndDate from Irricad Options|Design Details – Completion Date
IRR_StartDate from Irricad Options|Design Details – Commencement Date
IRR_AcceptanceDate from Irricad Options|Design Details – Acceptance date
IRR_RepCode from Irricad Options|Design Details – Rep Code
IRR_RepName from Irricad Options|Design Details – Rep Name
IRR_LaborHours from Irricad Options|Design Details – Labor Hours
IRR_Mileage from Irricad Options|Design Details – Mileage
IRR_InstallCost from Irricad Options|Design Details – Installation Cost
IRR_Signitary from Irricad Options|Company - Signitary
IRR_SignitaryTitle from Irricad Options|Company - Signitary Title
IRR_LaborCost from Irricad Options|Company - Labor Charge
IRR_MileageCost from Irricad Options|Company - Mileage Charge
IRR_TaxRate from Irricad Options|Company - Tax Rate
IRR_CompanyShortName from Irricad Options|Company - Short Name
IRR_CompanyName from Irricad Options|Company - Formal Name
IRR_BranchCode from Irricad Options|Company - Branch Code
IRR_BranchName from Irricad Options|Company - Branch Name
IRR_BranchPhone from Irricad Options|Company - Branch Phone
IRR_BranchFax from Irricad Options|Company - Branch Fax
IRR_BranchAfterHoursPhone from Irricad Options|Company - Branch After Hours Phone
IRR_BranchContact from Irricad Options|Company - Contact

For more information read Irricad Options|Help Topics – Technical Reference -> Appendix I: Labels and Plot Layouts -> Plot Layout Fields Names.

When editing a dwt file you should not access any IRRICAD tasks as this ‘breaks’ the file for use in IRRICAD Link. Therefore, in order to add IRRICAD field names to the dwt template follow the below steps:-

1. Make sure you have applied the 16.09 or later patch. This will install the required lsp file. Run AutoCAD or BricsCAD without IRRICAD Link loaded. To do this make sure that the profile switch on the desktop icon is set to the default or required AutoCAD or BricsCAD Profile. For more information read Irricad Options|Help Topics – Overview and Installation -> Troubleshooting the Installation -> Default BricsCAD or AutoCAD Loads IRRICAD Menus.

2. In Model space APPLOAD the "Irricad Custom Props.lsp" located in the "Config" folder of your IRRICAD Link installation (e.g., C:\Program Files\Irricad\Irricad Link AutoCAD 2018\Config). If you can't find the lsp file download it from ... and extract the lsp to the Config folder.
Now action the IRRICADPROPS command and the custom properties will be applied to the current file.

3. Go to the required layout tab and action MTEXT, specify the location for the field on the screen and press <Enter>. Right-click and select “Insert Field”. In the “Field” dialog the “Document Section” should be open and you will see a list of IRR_ field names.

4. Select the required field name and click OK on both the dialog and formatting bar. The new field will contain dashes until it is populated.

5. To modify the text size double-click on the field and change the text style and enter the required height. Click OK.

Note that layouts can be saved to a separate file and added to any template or drawing as required. To save the current layout enter LAYOUT SA.
To save the complete template simply use the normal Save options.
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