If the File Can't Save Due to File In Use or Read-Only

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If the File Can't Save Due to File In Use or Read-Only

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Under some circumstances a design may not be able to saved and this is usually associated with a function still being active after use. This usually points to open transactions – actions that have been run but for some reason are still open.
Unfortunately, once the design is in this state there is nothing we can do to close the open transactions. You will need to shut down IRRICAD Link and restart. You can look for the latest backup file (the file name with extension .bak or .SV$ (BricsCAD) or .AC$ (AutoCAD) then change the extension back to .dwg and open it).

Here are some tips to help minimise the occurrence or downtime:-
- Make sure you are running the latest patch (see https://www.irricad.com/upgrades-patches/)
- Set the recommended autosave settings
- Set the path for the Autosave files to somewhere you can easily locate them.

AutoSave Settings:
The autosave settings should be set so that each backup is a full save, happens more frequently, and saves to a location that you can access easily. The defaults are for 50% partial saves, every 60 minutes, and saving into your computer’s temp folder.

The best AutoSave settings are:-
- Have the Save percent set to 0 so that every save is a full rather than a partial save
- Set the “Save Time Interval” to 10 or 15 minutes
- Have “Create BAK file” enabled
- In the Files section set the Save File path or location to somewhere easy to access, such as your Designs folder

Change these settings via CONFIG
- Program Options - Open and Save settings
Open&SaveBCAD1.png (36.46 KiB) Viewed 5473 times

- Program Options – Files
SaveFilePathBCAD.png (42.3 KiB) Viewed 5473 times

Change these settings via CONFIG
- Open and Save tab.
Open&SaveACAD.png (30.47 KiB) Viewed 5473 times

- Files tab – Automatic Save Location
SaveFilePathACAD.png (29.64 KiB) Viewed 5473 times

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