util 1604

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util 1604

Post by miclough »

I get this error message when I import a dxf file. The contours look OK. What does this message mean?

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Re: util 1604

Post by phil »

Typically this message is caused by either:-

1) The DXF file contains items/entries that IRRICAD's contour importing doesn't recognise. In this case IRRICAD simply skips the item and continues processing the items it does recognise, unless the skipped items contain elevation information that you require this isn't a problem.

2) Malformed/Corrupted DXF files with extra or missing lines, normally this will generate a lot of 1604 errors.

From your description it seems that your situation is the former and the 1604 warning can probably be ignored. However you are welcome to send us the DXF file to investigate further.



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