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Discussion about importing data, pictures and elevations into your designs, and the various methods of exporting your design information.
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import dwg

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Hi Jo, Im trying to imprt dwg files, it goes through the process but then nothing appears on the screen, in any layers I try. Please help

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Re: import dwg

Post by jovivier »


Apologies for the delay in replying - I did not receive an email when your post was submitted.

If you can see that new layers have been added and the icon to the left of the layer name is green then this means that the file information has been imported. In general, the common cause for not being able to see anything on the screen is because there is an item(s) a long way from the main drawing.
1. Turn off all layers.
2. Turn on one imported layer
3. Select Zoom All. You should see the drawing items on that layer. (If you still can't see anything select a different layer to turn on).
4. Now turn on all layers.
5. Using Modify|Select|Window draw a window around the plan.
3. Use Modify|Invert Selection to de-select the plan and select the far-off items.
4. Press the [Delete] key or use Modify|Delete.
5. After the items have been deleted run File|Compress.
6. Save the design.

If, however, no information is being imported please email me the DWG to have a look at.

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