Importing from GPS

Discussion about importing data, pictures and elevations into your designs, and the various methods of exporting your design information.
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Importing from GPS

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I am having trouble importing data from a Garmin GPS. I have changed the points into SHP format and can successfully import the data into a blank drawing. However when i try to import the points into an existing drawing i get the co-ordinate range too large error message and the drawing dissapears. i have tried setting a user origin but the cursor point will not move and it doesnt like the values when entered into the user origin boxes.

Any thoughts

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Re: Importing from GPS

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This message can be caused by the existing data having different coordinates than that of what you are importing. If you know the projection of the existing data (for example UTM, for Google Earth imagery and information) then look for the same option to set in your Garmin GPS before exporting. This will ensure that the data will placed in the same world position.

If, however, your data lines up even though you received the warning message then this usually means that there is an item (it could simply be a origin point) that is far away from the other items.
The warning message can be resolved by following the steps in our forum post "Warning- coordinates range too large please correct" ( ... t=420#p937).

I trust this helps.


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