Seleção Automática de peças no IRRICAD

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Leandro Pavan
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Seleção Automática de peças no IRRICAD

Post by Leandro Pavan »

Boa tarde, gerei um banco de dados para o irricad com peças para ele a seleção automatica, e na hora que eu peço para ele gerar as peças ele nao gera, como pode ver na imagem em anexo, queria saber como fazer para consertar isto, ou se tem outra forma de gerar este recurso.
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Re: Seleção Automática de peças no IRRICAD

Post by jovivier »

The main reason for parts not being selected is because they do not match the fitting type and gender required.
By comparing my image with yours you can see that the pipe type, the gender, and the connection type are present however they are missing in your image:-
Fittings.png (5.33 KiB) Viewed 2733 times

Be sure to add any new pipe types in to the Pipe Fitting Selection Table so that IRRICAD knows the gender and fitting type:-
PFMT.png (15.85 KiB) Viewed 2733 times

When entering new pipes into the database ensure that you also specify a Pipe Type:-
PipeType.png (8.26 KiB) Viewed 2733 times
I trust this helps.


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Re: Seleção Automática de peças no IRRICAD

Post by andreip »

Leandro, good morning.
It's more complex that you are thinking. It's not just about creating fittings in the database and try to connect automatically. You have to create the rules to guide the Irricad to find the solutions.
We're working on a version for dealers here in Brasil to give to you the iAutoBOM based on IrriCAD. We're running the final beta version.
You can wait for it or try to talk with Danilo or José Edilso to help you.
Best Regards

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