Angle display on Status Bar

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David Wright
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Angle display on Status Bar

Post by David Wright »

I have just noticed that on the status bar the angle display now has 0 (zero) decimal places. I have recently updated to 14.16. Is this new or can you adjust this setting somehow? I have the units setting at 2 decimal places and the distance display shows 2 decimal places. Thanks
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Re: Angle display on Status Bar

Post by jovivier »

Hi David,

Is this the same on a new IRRICAD session? If so, it could possibly be controlled by the Winicad.ini file on your computer making the display area smaller. To check this:
1) Close IRRICAD.
2) Browse to the folder where IRRICAD is installed, commonly located in C:\Program Files (x86)\AEI Software\Irricad Pro 14 and open the \config folder.
3) In this folder locate the Winicad.ini file (note you will only see the ".ini" if the file extension are on). Rename the file to WinicadOld or similar.
4) Restart IRRICAD.

Does the angle section of the status bar now show more decimal places? If so, you may need to customise your toolbar back to the way you like them. If there is no change you can go back to your original Winicad file by browsing to your Irricad Pro 14\config folder and, with IRRICAD closed, delete the Winicad file and rename the WinicadOld file back to Winicad.
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