How to Have Report Templates in Your language (non-English)

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How to Have Report Templates in Your language (non-English)

Post by jovivier »

IRRICAD reports are currently available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and, available upon request, Hebrew.
IRRICAD reports can be translated into your own language via the ReportEditor utility, which is supplied with IRRICAD Standalone.

1. Browse to your installed IRRICAD folder, commonly located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Irricad\Irricad Pro 19, and locate the ReportEditor.exe file.
2. Double-click on the ReportEditor.exe to run it.
3. Select File|Edit Report and load the required report FPC file.
4. Click on an English label, e.g., "Company:", and go to Format|Font.
5. In the Font dialog change the "Script" field to one that best suits your character set e.g., Cyrillic. Click OK.
6. Now double click on the label, e.g., "Company:", and overwrite the English.
7. Continue for all English labels.
8. If you wish to change the report name from English go to Report|Options and overwrite the English. This report name will display in the menu list. Note, DO NOT overwrite or delete any text with hashes, such as #SORT#.
9. Save the report under a different file name. If you do not do this then if uninstalling/reinstalling or during an upgrade the reports with the default name may be removed.

Note that you can remove the English report names from the menu - there are two ways to do this:-
1 - move the English FPC files from the Reports folder to another folder
2 - (recommended) create a new folder in the Reports folder for your customised reports. Place all of your customised reports in this folder. Then in IRRICAD set the reports path in Settings|Drawing Items to the new folder, e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Irricad\Irricad Pro 19\Reports\My Reports. Close IRRICAD to save the changes.

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