Reasons For Product Description in Hydraulic Dialog Displaying Red Text

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Reasons For Product Description in Hydraulic Dialog Displaying Red Text

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When product descriptions appear as red text in the hydraulic dialog during editing the cause is that the item is not recognised in the working (external) database.
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Please note this anomaly is cosmetic only and does not affect the hydraulic parameters used in the design.

The causes can be:-
A. The item does not exist in the external database.
B. MSAccess or the Database Editor Query has been used to insert product data.
C. There is an incorrect parameter in the external database which cannot be copied to the internal database and therefore the item in the internal database will never match the item in the external database.

The currently used external database is either not the database that was used to create the design or has had the product(s) removed. Change the external database to the correct one or add the missing product.

1. Save your design and close IRRICAD.
2. Open the external database in the Database Editor.
3. Run Tools|Clean Fields.
4. Click the [Clean] button (nb if you receive a message "No Current Record" click OK. It has no effect).
5. When the progress bar stops click [Cancel].
6. Save your database.
Note you will only need to do this once to the external database.

Typically, you will only know if this is case if the option A and B solutions do not fix the red descriptions. Send your database to your local IRRICAD Support Team.
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