Irricad/Autocad Link Access Driver

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Irricad/Autocad Link Access Driver

Post by jacksonstipe »

Getting an error with an Access Driver failure

ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Login Failed
*Cannot open a database with a previous version of your application.

Happened after AutoCAD 2018 was updated.
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Re: Irricad/Autocad Link Access Driver

Post by jovivier »

Hi Jackson,

Please follow the post in Support FAQs -> FAQs for IRRICAD Link to resolve this issue.

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Re: Irricad/Autocad Link Access Driver

Post by Famuba »

Hi All,
Have Bricscad link and have recently up dated to V20. I have got my tech to run through the suggestions on the blog, but with no success, I aim still a no go for Irricad data.
In that information you suggest that I may have to up grade to Windows 365 too over come the issues. I do not want to do that due to not needing all the other programmes (paying for some ting that you don't need). Is it possible to purchase MS Access to fix this issue.
My system is run on a Mac with Parallels emulating windows, and V19 ran without fault, until I up-graded the Irricad programme. As you can see Windos 365 is a repetition of programmes. ( I will install if I have to ).
Please send some words of wisdom, regards, Chris
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Re: Irricad/Autocad Link Access Driver

Post by phil »

Hi Chris

IRRICAD Link installs MS Access drivers but it's unnecessary to have Office 365 (or MS Access) or upgrade either to run Link. The post above mentions that if you DO have Office 365 then an upgrade can "break" the drivers that IRRICAD uses (although we made changes to V19 Link to make the very unlikely).

It's not clear from your post, and we haven't been involved with any correspondence with Aus support, but if the problem you are having is opening the V20 Link database editor (rather than problems in Link itself) then please see this post for a solution:-


If this isn't the case then please let your local support contact know.


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