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polylines conversion

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After updating link 20, when it is requested to convert multiple polylines to tape, the system converts but merges the lines as if they were a single one.
joining the end of one to the beginning of the other. if the command is executed polyline by polyline there is no problem
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Re: polylines conversion

Post by phil »


Unfortunately an enhancement to another feature, in Link V20, inadvertently caused this problem. Our apologies for the oversight, we will fix thing and it will appear in the next patch. Until then the only solutions are:-

1) Convert each polyline individually (i.e. select only 1 at a time to convert), obviously this could be time consuming if there are many polylines.
2) Use V19 Link to convert polylines to tapes and then open in V20. Note that if you no longer have V19 Link installed you can re-install it "side-by-side" with V20 if you also have ACAD/BCAD V2021/V21 still installed.
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