Dripline not created completely

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Dripline not created completely

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I have set the sideland for the blocks that are in line with each other in North-south direction but for some blocks with steps ( not square blocks) some laterals cut off in some points and don't complete the total length.
Please see the screenshot below.
Any instruction will be appreciated.
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Re: Dripline not created completely

Post by jovivier »

Because of the stepped nature of the boundary and the presence of a sideland setting IRRICAD is calculating the 'sideland' spacing each time it detects a boundary at an angle similar to the sideland direction.

From the Release Notes: For irrigation block entities the threshold angle between the lateral direction and the block boundary that determines whether a sideland or a headland is applied can be specified in the “Sideland Angle” field located in Settings|Irrigation Items “Blocks”. If the angle is less than the threshold value then the sideland parameter will be used to locate the laterals. If the angle is greater than the threshold value then the headland parameter will be used to locate the laterals.

Alternatively, another way to overcome this in your design is to re-draw the boundary without the sideland included, e.g., x metres/feet inside the original block boundary so that a sideland value is not entered.

I trust this helps.

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