Flow difference between labels and zone

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Flow difference between labels and zone

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Hi! we detected this issue while designing a drip irrigation system. We have an irrigation valve that is only connected to one tape irrigation block. The label of the block , showing #ACTFLOW#, says the flow is 17,97 m³/h, but when we go to the "Assign zones to system flows" tool, the flow of the same valve is 23,4 m³/h. None of the mentioned values is the nominal value, and if I modify the tape pressure on the block both values change accordingly (if I put a higer pressure, both flows go up, and if I put a lower pressure, both go down). ¿Is this a bug? or if it is the way it should work, what does this difference in flow mean?. I'm attaching a picture of the issue.

Thank you in advance!.
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Re: Flow difference between labels and zone

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It's difficult to tell from your image, but the most likely reason is that the zone defined by this valve contains emitters that do not belong to the block. Have any tapes or outlets been added/removed manually in this area? The "Show Flow" tool might help to determine this if you are unsure. You might also select the block and then start the "Move" tool - are all tapes highlighted for move as expected? This will show any tapes that have been disconnected from the block.

If you are still having problems determining the cause, please send you design to your local support representative for further analysis.


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