SQL database queries

How to get the best out of your database.
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SQL database queries

Post by Guilhermeantonio94 »

I'm taking my first steps with Irricad.
I would like to know more about the databases, so I can configure them so that I can make updates to the prices of goods quickly and efficiently.
How should I proceed?
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Re: SQL database queries

Post by jovivier »

Hi Guilhermeantoinio,

The database editor manual is a good place to start learning about how the database editor works. Unfortunately we do not teach SQL but are happy to write specific queries upon request for current version users. There are also quite a few forum posts about the database editor and SQL queries including viewtopic.php?p=1934#p1934, which shows a working example of bringing updated pricing information from an Excel spreadsheet into your database.

If you wish to know specifics please contact your local priority support team or post another question.

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