Installing Older IRRICADs on Windows 7

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Installing Older IRRICADs on Windows 7

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IRRICAD Pro V9+ will run without any problems on Windows 7, there are however some points to note when installing older versions on Windows 7.

1) When installing Pro V9 and 9.5 the dongle driver is not installed as part of the IRRICAD installation process (this is because the installer doesn’t know about Windows 7). To install the driver simply locate, in Windows Explorer/My Computer, the Driver.bat file in the \Driver folder on the installation CD. Double-clicking (or right-click and select “Open”) will install the dongle driver. Answer “Yes” to any User Access Control warnings that appear.

2) Make sure that the user account that will be used to run IRRICAD has “Modify” and “Write” permissions on the main IRRICAD folder and sub-folders.

3) Typically when IRRICAD Pro V9 or 9.5 is run for the first time a “Dll Load Error” warning will appear. If this happens click [Ok] and wait for a “Cad 5” warning to appear. Click [Ok] again and then restart IRRICAD. Note that if this warning continues to appear then this is an indication that the user account being used doesn’t have the necessary file permissions as above.

Note, if installing V8 on to Windows 7, download the newest Sentinel Protection Installer (7.5.0) from ... ivers.aspx

Changing file permissions in Windows 7 for Irricad and FastQuote
The following instructions illustrate how to change the file/folder permissions so that Irricad will operate successfully under Windows 7.

1) Make sure that the user you are logged in with has Administrator rights.

2) Open Windows Explorer.

3) Navigate to the Irricad or FastQuote folder (normally C:\Program Files\AEI Software\...)
FilePerm1.png (146.67 KiB) Viewed 8141 times

4) Right Click on the Irricad or FastQuote folder (e.g. “Irricad Pro 9.5”) in the figure above and select “Properties”, now click on the “Security” tab. Click the [Edit] button.
FilePerm2.png (47.03 KiB) Viewed 8141 times

5) Select the user or group that you want to be able to use Irricad. Now make sure that the “Modify” and “Write” options are checked. In the example below all members of the “Users” group are given the correct permissions to the Irricad folder.

6) Click [Ok] and [Ok] again. The permissions to allow Irricad to load and save files correctly have now been applied.
FilePerm3.png (50.33 KiB) Viewed 8141 times
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