Adding IRRICAD Scales to the Default Scale List

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Adding IRRICAD Scales to the Default Scale List

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If you have started a new design using the IRRICAD file template this is prepopulated with scales that most of you are familiar with using in IRRICAD designs:-

However, if you are sent a background from someone else it is likely that the drawing will not contain the IRRICAD scales. You can add scales on the fly via the SCALELISTEDIT function through fixing the Default Scale List will mean that you only have to do this once.

To add the required scales to the default scale list:-

- in AutoCAD via CONFIG – User Preferences tab – Default Scale List button:-

A list of common scales is located in Irricad Options|Help Topics - User Manual > How to Customize BricsCAD® / AutoCAD© - Editing Layout Templates - IRRICAD Scales. This list will also help you with the required format if you want to add some additional scales. Close IRRICAD Link so that these changes are saved to the registry.

Once you have created the Default Scale List, and saved it to the registry, you can update the scales available in any drawing by actioning SCALELISTEDIT - In BricsCAD click the green ‘reset’ button
- In AutoCAD click the [Reset] button.

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