Drip Laterals not created

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Drip Laterals not created

Post by bhaas »

I know that there is no need to link a tree block to a tape block, but this seems to be a bug. Here are the steps to create the problem:

1) Create tree block with points as the tree symbol
2) Select tree block and use the Tape Irrigation Block tool
3) Set spacing, User Defined lateral direction, Click OK
4) Make sure the Create Laterals box is checked in the Block tab
5) Select first point for lateral direction, select second point

The view resets like it usually does, but no laterals are drawn. I tried this multiple times with different tapes and databases. When I create the tape block from just a regular shape, it works fine.

Irricad Link v17 for BricsCAD 19
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Re: Drip Laterals not created

Post by jovivier »


The function of driving sprinkler, and subsequently lateral placement, from the tree blocks is only for sprinklers and is driven solely from the tree locations - being able to specify where the sprinkler should be located based on the trees. Therefore it cannot work with driplines and as a result no tape laterals can be created.

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