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Lineweights in IRRICAD Link

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The display of lineweights is controlled via the “LWT” on the status bar (BricsCAD) or by entering LW in the commandline (AutoCAD).
Default lineweights for future mainline and zone pipes can be set in Irricad Options|Irrigation – Design Specific.

The issue with seeing lineweights in the layout or print preview is the screen resolution. Lineweights may not display in the Layout (also controlled via LW) however they will print as long as you have “Plot Entity Line Weights” enabled. If you are using a Plot Style then in the Form View section of the Plot Style table you should see “Use object Lineweight” enabled for each colour.

If you preview an A4 (A) or A3 (B) sized print then you may see the different lineweights quite easily. When you preview larger paper sizes, such as A2 (D) or A1 (E), it looks like the lineweights aren’t being printed however it is simply the scaling of the page to the screen size. If you print to PDF and zoom in (100%+ scaling as applicable) you will see the different lineweights.

In the Plot dialog there are options to scale the lineweights according to the print scale or to not print the lineweights so all lines are the printed the same:-
PlotLineweights.png (30.75 KiB) Viewed 1719 times
“Scale lineweights” – scales the lineweights in proportion to the plot scale.
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