If receive message: Report Templates Not Found

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If receive message: Report Templates Not Found

Post by jovivier »

The messages you have received are related to installing IRRICAD into a new folder, rather than into the existing IRRICAD folder.

To fix this please follow the below steps.

When upgrading an existing version of IRRICAD and select "Yes, remove older versions" during the installation but then change the "Product install path" from the existing IRRICAD folder, then IRRICAD will be installed into a new folder and the existing installation will be uninstalled. Because the registry still has the paths pointing to the old folder, which will no longer contain reports, symbols, etc., a message will appear about "No report templates found". Also when drawing hydraulic items the symbols (junctions, outlets, etc,.) will not be found and a message to look for the symbol will occur.

To fix this:
a) Go to Settings|Drawing Items and click the [Restore Defaults] button - now all paths will point to the new Irricad Pro XX folder.
b) Also go to Settings|Irrigation Items and click the [Restore Defaults] button - now the database symbols path will be set to the new Irricad Pro XX \Symbols\Database folder.
c) Click the [Save As Defaults] button.
d) Close IRRICAD so the new paths are saved in the Registry.

Note that you may also wish to copy your component database over to the new Database folder. If you do so, reset the Database path in Settings|Irrigation - Design Specific and once again click the [Save As Defaults] button and close IRRICAD so the new path is saved in to the Registry.

Always follow the upgrade or installation with the latest patch, (only required in Pre-v18 versions. Post v18 the latest installation contains all patches).

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